Stop Hair Design Services

At Stop Hair Design we offer a full range of hair dressing services for women, men and children.

Our team of talented hair stylists keep up with the latest techniques and fashions so you can be assured that we can create a look for you that you will love.


No matter what your style, a good cut is always essential. Our team of professional hair stylists are experts at cutting hair for women and men of all ages, and children’s hair.


With the advanced range of products now available and the vast array of techniques we can help you create exactly the look you are after.


We keep up with all the latest fashions in hair styling, and can create a look you will love. Or if you are more traditional, we respect your choices and will always style your hair in the way that suits your looks and your personality.


Making brides and the bridal party look beautiful is a service we love performing at Stop Hair Design. Come in and have a chat with us to discuss your look for your big day.

Special occasions

Weddings aren’t the only time you want to look your absolute best. Whether it’s a ball, an anniversary, party or any other special event, we will take great pleasure in making you look your best.
Talk to the team at Stop Hair Design, we love discussing with our clients the look the are after and offering suggestions so they can make the most of their individual beauty.

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